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Website personalization is the practice of customizing a user’s web experience based on their demographics and preferences. The future of the web is moving beyond static, one-size-fits-all web pages to dynamic sites that are tailored to each specific visitor. On our personalization blog, learn how our customers are creating personalized experiences for their users through Optimizely.

Personalization Just Got More Personal

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a new Personalization capability we are calling Adaptive Audiences. Optimizely’s Adaptive Audiences gives marketers an entirely new way to personalize experiences. It gives you the control of rules-based targeting, with the reach and scale of automated personalization. The idea is to use machine learning to match […]

Building a Modern Marketing Stack at Optimizely: Personalization & Extensions

Building a Modern Marketing Stack at Optimizely: Personalization & Extensions

This is the second part in a 4-part series about how Optimizely has rearchitected our marketing stack to support experimentation and personalization. Read Part 1, Choosing a CMS. Our marketing team’s goal is to provide a website experience that helps each visitor understand how Optimizely can help them reach their business goals. Our hypothesis has […]

Optimizely Continues to Add Integrations to Bolster its Open Platform

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lotame to launch a new audience integration for Optimizely Web. This integration enables Optimizely customers to scale their personalization programs by targeting Lotame DMP audiences with Optimizely Web campaigns. Personalization and DMPs An effective personalization strategy starts with identifying valuable audiences and then targeting them with […]

6 Experimentation Secrets from Airbnb and Uber

Last week we hosted over 130 experimenters at Optimizely HQ in San Francisco for our first live event of the year. We were lucky enough to be joined by two brands — Airbnb and Uber — that have fundamentally changed the way we travel and get around today: Panelists Jami Schwartz, Head of Marketing, Airbnb for […]

Using Segment Personas and Optimizely Full Stack for Omnichannel Experiments

This is a guest post written by Albert Sunwoo, Solutions Engineer at Segment. It is part two of a two-part series from Segment on how to integrate Segment and Optimizely to optimize customer experience. In the first post, Albert talked about integrating Segment Personas with Optimizely Web. One of the most powerful ways to build […]

Unleashing Optimizely Web with Segment Personas

This is a guest post written by Albert Sunwoo, Solutions Engineer at Segment. It is part one of a two-part series from Segment on how to integrate Segment and Optimizely to optimize customer experiences. Running successful experiments and personalization campaigns requires that you choose the right metrics and target the right audiences. Segment Connections helps teams […]

Optimizely Announces Adaptive Audiences

Optimizely Announces Adaptive Audiences

Today, at Opticon, we announced Adaptive Audiences — the only way for brands to deliver exceptional personalized experiences to customers at scale. Adaptive Audiences enables customers to: Leverage Machine Learning technologies to create new audience segments based on what customers are interested in. Reduce resources and easily connect customers to personalized experiences.  The world’s leading […]

Personalization & Experimentation: Better Together

Personalization & Experimentation: Better Together

Unsurprisingly, personalization is one of the most-discussed marketing topics of recent times.  There are a multitude of companies proclaiming that they create personalized experiences–it can be quite challenging to sort through these claims and understand what technologies will deliver truly personalized customer experiences that add value to the bottom line. Personalized experiences allow organizations to […]

3 Steps to Personalization

3 Steps to Personalization

As customer expectations rise, the ability to deliver both tailored offers and content that reflect customer interests consistently is becoming imperative. Those organizations that successfully take the first, easier steps of providing consistent cross-channel messaging as well as leveraging on-site behavior will gain confidence in personalization techniques and develop an appetite for further investing in […]