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All the Product Announcements from Opticon20

Opticon20, the leading progress delivery and experimentation conference, kicked off virtually today. This year’s keynote, hosted by Claire Vo, Optimizely’s Chief Product Officer, focused on how companies are adapting their digital strategies rapidly in response to COVID. Claire emphasizes the importance of proactively building and testing experiences that help serve your customers. By doubling down […]

Introducing Stats Engine Service and Enhancements to Our Data Platform

Introducing Stats Service and Enhancements to Data Platform

The era of a single black-box data product as your source of truth is over. Teams need complete visibility throughout the customer lifecycle, forcing a move from all-in-one tools to open, integrated stacks with many data sources. The key is ensuring you’ve got clean, actionable data in the right place with proper tools to derive […]

New in Full Stack: Simpler, Unified Progressive Delivery and Experimentation

Full Stack header image

  The highlights: The new Decide API replaces 9 APIs with one, single API controlling all feature flag and experiment decisions. A new interface for Full Stack unifies the workflows for feature flagging and experimentation, enabling teams to easily transition features from flags to experiments and back, at any point in the feature delivery lifecycle. […]

Optimizely Integrates with Amazon Personalize to Combine Powerful Machine Learning with Experimentation

Optimizely for Amazon Personalize

Determining the best customer experience can be challenging. Teams have often relied on surveys, focus groups, and analytics to determine what customers want and then build based on that understanding. Machine learning can be used to help deliver content intelligence and more relevant content but tuning those models can be time-consuming and require a lot […]

Optimizely’s Vision for Product Development Teams

Earlier this week, Optimizely’s Chief Product Officer Claire Vo and Jon Noronha, our VP of Product Management, presented via a live webinar on Optimizely’s vision for product development teams and previewed our upcoming roadmap.  They explained how product development teams need to be able to balance velocity with proving value. Here are some of the […]

All the Opticon19 Keynote Product Announcements

Opticon19, the premier digital experience optimization conference, kicked off this morning in San Francisco. This year’s keynote, hosted by Jay Larson, Optimizely’s CEO, focused on how today’s digital leaders outperform the competition and rapidly adapt to changing customer expectations by replacing digital guesswork with iterative experimentation. The Optimizely product team, led by SVP of Product […]

Introducing Performance Edge: Making Web Experiments Run Blazingly Fast

Today, we’re excited to announce Performance Edge, a giant leap forward in experiment performance, available today in Early Access. Performance Edge makes experiments run faster by moving experiment processing from the browser to the edge (CDN). In our testing, we’ve seen web experiments using Performance Edge load in less than 50 milliseconds (faster than the […]

Stop Launching.
Start Rolling Out.

Splashy, big-bang launches were once the most common way software companies released new software. Product and engineering worked tirelessly to get a new product or feature ready while marketing and PR feverishly prepped launch materials. They often even put together extravagant launch parties to celebrate the occasion. But for every successful big bang launch, there […]