Targeting Your Test to Specific URLs — In 1 Minute

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One of the most important parts of setting up an experiment is deciding where you want it to run, as in which pages specifically are you deciding to target. You can be as narrow as a single URL or as broad as your entire site. It all depends on which of the four URL match types you use. In this One Minute Monday, we’ll cover what these match types mean and why they’re important for you.

10 Ways to A/B Test Better with Targeting

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Marketing practices have many separate vocabularies. Online marketers, content marketers, and product marketers all converse with their own jargon. One of the vocabulary words that spans many marketing activities is targeting. Targeting is a not-so-sexy way to describe a highly useful practice that is downright essential to marketing.

This article outlines 10 smart ways to target visitors on your website.

71 Things to A/B Test

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Often times the hardest part of A/B testing is determining what to test in the first place. After having worked with thousands of customers who do A/B testing every day, one of the most common questions we still hear is, “Where do I begin?”

Conveniently, website testing inherently generates more questions than it answers. Your first test can lead to a whole litany of follow-up tests and iterations. For when you’ve exhausted all of those, or if you’re just getting started, here are 71 ideas (some more serious than others…) for testing your website.

Cut Your Audience in Half to Double Your Conversion Success

Not all types of visitors respond to web content in the same way. For example, visitors coming from an email campaign may react to a landing page differently than visitors coming from a paid search ad; mobile visitors may react to a homepage differently than non-mobile visitors. Understanding the difference between these behaviors is the […]

Optimization Intro Essentials: 5 Tips for Testing Triumphs

Are you new to website optimization? Are you an old-timer with hundreds of tests under your belt? Either way, take these tips as a foundation for any testing endeavors you may (and should) embark on. 1. Getting started: Your site is better than you think! Website optimization starts with exploration. First, it’s crucial to understand […]

Optimizely Launches Super Simple Behavioral Targeting for A/B Testing

We’re psyched to announce that Optimizely now makes it possible to design A/B experiments targeted at a specific segment of your visitors.  Why is this a big deal?   Behavioral targeting enables you to run experiments targeted at, for example: new visitors, currently-logged-in visitors or visitors who have already made a purchase. Our latest Optimizely […]