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Tips, advice, best practices, and examples for using Optimizely product features.

Optimizely for iOS Now Available in Public Beta

Optimizely for iOS Now Available in Public Beta

We’re excited to announce that Optimizely for iOS, our new optimization and A/B testing SDK for native iOS apps, is now available in public beta to all new and existing Optimizely customers.

Visitors are already engaging with companies and brands across both the web and mobile apps. That’s why our world-class optimization engine is the same across both platforms. Our customers benefit from the same account management, analytics, and other features already found on Optimizely for the web.

3 New Optimizely Settings to Give You More Control

In order to run an experiment using Optimizely you put a snippet on your website. This snippet points to a JavaScript file that includes experiment configuration data such as targeting criteria and meta data like the name of the experiment. We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear: you want more control over what is included in this file. We fell short of your expectations and our own in this area. I’m sorry. Today, we’re launching three new settings to give you more control.

10 Ways to A/B Test Better with Targeting

10 Ways to A/B Test Better with Targeting

Marketing practices have many separate vocabularies. Online marketers, content marketers, and product marketers all converse with their own jargon. One of the vocabulary words that spans many marketing activities is targeting. Targeting is a not-so-sexy way to describe a highly useful practice that is downright essential to marketing.

This article outlines 10 smart ways to target visitors on your website.

OpenSSL Security Update

On April 7, the OpenSSL project issued a Security Advisory that detailed a serious vulnerability in the encryption software in use by a large percentage of the internet.

We have prioritized hardening those services which handle account credentials and have secured those as of 10pm PDT April 8th.

Introducing “Preview As” [SLIDESHOW]

Introducing “Preview As” [SLIDESHOW]

When you’re in the thick of testing, targeting visitors by attributes or running multiple experiments on one webpage, it can be difficult to track how your site will appear to your website visitors.

The good news? We’re introducing a new feature to streamline your testing and ensure that your visitors have a consistent experience.

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

The rate of smartphone users across the globe is growing rapidly. Globally there are over 1.5B smartphone users with a YoY growth rate of 31%. Not only do more people own smartphones, they use them to consume more content and do more business.

Today, consumers want to do the same things on their mobile phones as they do on their desktop, and businesses should be able to test their mobile sites just like their desktop sites.

In the past year alone, we have seen mobile traffic to double. Hence today we have two big announcements to make Optimizely more mobile-friendly and mobile testing available to everyone.