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Tips, advice, best practices, and examples for using Optimizely product features.

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

Big Results on Small Screens: New Releases for Mobile

The rate of smartphone users across the globe is growing rapidly. Globally there are over 1.5B smartphone users with a YoY growth rate of 31%. Not only do more people own smartphones, they use them to consume more content and do more business.

Today, consumers want to do the same things on their mobile phones as they do on their desktop, and businesses should be able to test their mobile sites just like their desktop sites.

In the past year alone, we have seen mobile traffic to double. Hence today we have two big announcements to make Optimizely more mobile-friendly and mobile testing available to everyone.

Now See Changes…With Change History

Now See Changes…With Change History

Sometimes, it takes a village. Between setting up and hitting start, many people on many different teams can touch an Optimizely experiment. It’s important that users from marketing to web analytics to engineering have a method to communicate with each other when changes are made in their Optimizely experiments. To that end, we are excited […]

Segment Customers, Now You Can Send Analytics Data to Optimizely!

Thanks to a handy new integration, Segment customers can send custom event and revenue data to Optimizely. Segment allows it’s customers to set up tracking for events once and then use that data across multiple analytics platforms. Additionally, Segment customers can send data from Optimizely to other integration partners, such as email platforms and Vero.

Optimizely is Now Available in 10 Languages

Optimizely is Now Available in 10 Languages

You’ve always been able to use the Optimizely platform to perform A/B testing on any website in any language,  but Optimizely has been English-only to date. Well, ikke længere! Today we’re proud to announce that you can now use Optimizely in the following languages: Danish: Website-optimering gjort let. Dutch: Gemakkelijke website-optimalisatie. French: L’optimisation de sites Web devient un […]

Introducing Multi-page Experiments (a.k.a. Conversion Funnel Testing)

We are excited to announce multi-page experiments on Optimizely! Lots of our customers want to A/B test not just one, but two or more pages that are related, often as part of a funnel. Multi-page experiments allow you to “link” together related variations of different pages: visitors who see the original version of Page 1 […]