Videos on optimization best practices, A/B testing, and how to make the most use out of Optimizely.

How Discovery Increased Ad Viewability & CTR Through A/B Testing


Discovery Communications is a global mass media and entertainment company with an astonishing portfolio of television networks, including the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and Science Channel. It has 2.9 billion global subscribers, a reach that totals 2 in 5 people on the planet.

The product team at Discovery Communications is driven by testing; they’re constantly iterating on their user experience to improve both content engagement and their display ad metrics.

Targeting Your Test to Specific URLs — In 1 Minute

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One of the most important parts of setting up an experiment is deciding where you want it to run, as in which pages specifically are you deciding to target. You can be as narrow as a single URL or as broad as your entire site. It all depends on which of the four URL match types you use. In this One Minute Monday, we’ll cover what these match types mean and why they’re important for you.

How to Prevent Buggy Updates to Your iOS App — In 1 Minute

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So you’ve built out a new feature, a new flow, a new experience in your mobile app, you’re feeling really good about it. You’ve released to Apple, it’s live in the Store… and people hate it. It’s got a show-stopping bug. This update, for whatever reason, is tanking hard, and it’s taking your App Store rankings with it. But all of this could have been avoided.

Opticon 2015 — in 1 Minute

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This week, a #OneMinuteMonday on Optimizely’s annual conference: Opticon.

There are more than 225 million people set to attend conferences this year. There’s probably more than 1.5 million conferences that are going to happen in 2015 alone. Yes, there’s a lot of gatherings for professionals to better themselves… But there is none like the one I’m about to talk about: Opticon 2015.

NY Public Library Has 100 Years Worth of Content to Optimize [Video]


With 100 years of existence, 88 different lending libraries, four research facilities throughout Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx, the New York Public Library has a lot, a lot, of content. Informing people that this content collected over the last century exists is a major goal for the library. One way they achieve this goal is with an opt-in email newsletter.

How Chrome Industries Uses Data to Build Great Experiences [VIDEO]


Website optimization is changing the way Chrome Industries does digital marketing. That’s thanks to Chrome’s Director of e-Commerce, Kyle Duford, who brought Optimizely into Chrome’s digital marketing arsenal in early 2013. In a video filmed at Chrome’s office/showroom in downtown San Francisco, Kyle explains why relying on data is critical to the growth of their online business.