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Change history helps you keep track of your feature flags and experiments

With great power comes great responsibility Feature flagging (also known as ‘toggles’) and experimentation are potent tools for product development teams and marketers to drive better outcomes, whether rolling out and testing new features, optimizing customer experiences, or improving marketing funnel performance. It is true, though, that for all the value these techniques provide, they […]

Optimizing the Performance of Client-Side Experimentation

Optimizing the Performance of Client-Side Experimentation

To survive in today’s competitive, fast-moving digital market, it’s imperative that you drive high-velocity experimentation and keep your site performance as fast as possible. It is clear that page performance directly influences business outcomes. As Google reports, studies repeatedly confirm the negative business impact of slow sites and, inversely, the benefits of speed improvements. Because […]

Client-Side vs. Server-Side Experimentation

Client-Side vs. Server-Side Experimentation

One of the most common questions that we hear about experimentation is: what’s the difference between client and server-side experimentation solutions?  More specifically, how do Optimizely X Web Experimentation and Personalization solutions differ from Optimizely X Full Stack? The infographic below lays out the differences between visual-editor based client-side, which is best suited for marketing […]