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The website redesign process can be fraught with risk and uncertainty, but by using A/B testing you can reduce the risk associated with a site redesign and use data to drive your decision making. Learn from our best website redesign tips and how to improve your website redesign process.

2 Controversial Site Redesigns That Should Inspire You to A/B Test

Original version of Netflix page.

When it comes to making better data-driven decisions, the sooner the better. Often the temptation is to wait until after the redesign is done or the feature is rolled out. “Oh, we’re doing a redesign; we’ll do the A/B testing afterwards.” The fact is you actually want to A/B test the redesign. One story from Digg and another from Netflix show why.

Around 2010, Optimizely co-founders Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen were introduced to the folks at Digg by their new VP of Product Keval Desai to talk about using Optimizely. Their response was, “We are busy working on a complete overhaul of our site. After we do that, then we’ll do A/B testing.”

When Redesigning a Product Feature, Identify the Need, Then Iterate—A Lot

Earlier this year, we released a major addition to Optimizely’s preview tool: the ability to impersonate visitors.

In this post, I will describe our design process and the decisions we made along the way when building this feature to shed some light on how product features are ideated, developed, and released at Optimizely.

How A Data-Driven Site Redesign Lifted Clicks 606% and Purchases 11%


Website redesigns can be complex because there are many moving parts, opinions, and interests at play. For custom design and apparel marketplace, Spreadshirt, their recent complete site makeover was an exercise in data-driven redesign.

With a project as big as a total site redesign, testing can be daunting. Where does one start? The best place to start any A/B test is off the page entirely—start with your business goals. Read more to learn how Spreadshirt executed a redesign that increased purchases by 11% and clicks by 606%.

How to Redesign Your Website Redesign


Welcome back to Conversion Rate Optimism, Jeff Blettner,  a web designer and conversion optimization specialist at Formstack. Having just completed a complete redesign of, Jeff spoke with me about the role AB testing tools played in the process. Optimizely: How big of a role did A/B testing – actually doing it, or knowing you were going […]