Holiday Shoppers Have Feelings Too

varied emotions

It’s that crazy time of year again. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rear view, and the web is still buzzing with holiday shopping. For many online retailers, this means heavy site traffic and record sales. It also means a flood of additional customer data.

It’s easy to get laser focused on specific metrics and overlook the fact that behind all those graphs and charts is a customer with feelings and emotions. We have suggestions to help you avoid “metric tunnel vision” and keep your optimization efforts human.

A Coupon Clipper’s Take on Optimizing Target’s New App, Cartwheel

Using the Cartwheel app in Target

Meet Cartwheel by Target—part loyalty card, part digital coupon clipper, and part Target catalogue. As an unapologetic coupon-clipper, I knew I had to give Target’s latest innovation a shot. I dutifully downloaded, created an account, and began perusing the savings.

Cartwheel has quite a bit going for it, but there’s no doubt this app could be optimized to encourage more successful in-store purchases.

Let’s look at a few key areas Target should be experimenting with in order to optimize for more purchases and higher engagement with Cartwheel.

The Evolution of Today’s Internet User (or How I Found My Holiday Party Dress)

Happy after shopping

Great news, guys. The search is over! I finally bought my dress for the annual Optimizely holiday party. I’ll spare you the details (but know that it’s super elegant and iconic and amazing). Instead, let’s talk about the shopping experience.

Remember the days of yore, when shopping consisted of a trip to the mall and that was that? Well folks, those days are over.

5 Actionable Lessons Learned From Real Heat Map Case Studies


I was more than excited when I first heard about the concept of heat maps a couple of years ago. “So you’re telling me I can track all my visitors and then see exactly where they click and how often?!” – is what I was thinking.

What’s truly great about heat maps is that they give you a clear visual representation of the raw data you’d otherwise get from Google Analytics.

So today, I’d like to share with you some of the things we’ve learned from more than 1 million heat map clicks.