Brainstorm Your Next A/B Test — In 1 Minute

Ryan Krebs One Minute Monday Optimiely

For this week’s One Minute Monday, Ryan Krebs from our Partnerships team shares advice on coming up with your next test idea.

See this napkin? This is they key to your testing success because it is a canvas for your testing ideas. Ideation is an important part of testing. To get started thinking about test ideas, we recommend you first identify your key business metrics on your website and then start brainstorming tests to affect them.

Cheers to 1 Year: A Toast to the Amazing People in Our Community

Charlotte Weiskittel Optiverse

We live in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world. Much of our daily interaction now exists online. When we’re unsure, we resort to Google or Quora. When we need help, we file a support ticket and expect our question to be answered instantaneously. What’s the challenge with this reality? It’s easy to forget that real humans are answering our support tickets, or responding to our community discussions.

So, this week, as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Optimizely’s community, Optiverse, I want to showcase the talented and fearless people who participate in our community every day. As you think about developing your optimization skills, we hope you’ll use the community of people in Optiverse as a resource.

Optimizely Launches on Android — 5 Things Android & iOS Developers Should Ponder

Optimizely launches Android

In 2014, Android made up more than 80% of worldwide smartphone shipments. That’s why, today, we’re excited to announce the general release of the Optimizely Android SDK. Now you can use Optimizely to optimize your app on both of the world’s leading smartphone platforms.

Leading up to this release, we ran a beta program with some of the top Android apps on the market and came to understand that not all mobile developers are created equally. However, they also share commonalities in how they think about development.

We’ve distilled these similarities and differences between iOS and Android development down to a list of five traits. As you think about how to structure your mobile testing program, we highly encourage you to ponder these findings.

What Personalization Campaigns Really Look Like

Lytics 2015 personalization report from consumers

Making a personal connection with the consumer is what marketing is all about. We dream about campaigns that land the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

The key to truly personalized campaigns — the thing that makes this kind of one-to-one marketing possible — is data. These days, marketers are in good shape. They’re learning more about visitors and collecting vastly more data on visitor behavior than ever before. But if you ask the visitors who are presumably receiving the personalized campaigns, they say brands are falling short of this ideal.

According to a survey that Lytics conducted of over 400 consumers, 80% said brands are not familiar, or at best, are only somewhat familiar with their needs. Clearly there’s an issue with the way brands are executing (or not executing) personalization campaigns and a lot of room for improvement.

Optimizing For Trust: How To Write Copy That Improves Conversions

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 6.09.55 PM

Conversion copywriting, a tactic that is becoming increasingly popular in the optimization industry, is an essential skill for any growth marketer to develop. Great copy needs to engage visitors and users, communicate a unique selling proposition that is relevant to them, and, most importantly, engender trust so that the visitor will take the next step and convert.

5 Onboarding Techniques to Convert Trials into Paying Customers

convert free trials to paying customer

If the sign-up rate for your product’s free trial is high, then you’re doing something right. It’s a great sign if people are willing to take time and give up some information to try out your software for a few weeks.

But are they really trying it? Are they making full use of the trial or just taking a quick glance and disappearing?

Benchmark data says 80% of your free trial users are doing just that — fading away never to become a paying customer.

The truth is that turning free trial users into paying customers is just as important as getting people to try your product. These are five examples of email marketing and A/B testing strategies that can improve your company’s free trial to paying customer conversion rates.

Creating Excellent Hypotheses with Website Analytics and User Research

How to generate A/B split test ideas

For an optimization team to be successful in reaching an aggressive revenue goal, both quantity and quality of experiments must be high. To support a focus on testing velocity, a strong backlog of experiment ideas is essential.

In this third installment of our spotlight on the optimization team at Move. Inc (the operator of, we look at a couple of the thoroughly vetted experiment ideas that the team has tested.

Targeting Your Test to Specific URLs — In 1 Minute

one minute mondays

One of the most important parts of setting up an experiment is deciding where you want it to run, as in which pages specifically are you deciding to target. You can be as narrow as a single URL or as broad as your entire site. It all depends on which of the four URL match types you use. In this One Minute Monday, we’ll cover what these match types mean and why they’re important for you.

21 Ideas to Increase Revenue From Your Online Store


The bad news: If you have an e-commerce website, mobile site, or mobile app, it’s likely that up to 72% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase in your store.

The good news: This post (and a little optimization) will help you fix that.

Here at Optimizely, we work with a number of retail teams who are experimenting with new and unique ways to drive revenue from their online stores. I recently spoke with several of these retailers and others experts to learn about their successes and failures, and have combined my findings into our latest long read: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Online Store.

This post summarizes some of the test ideas retailers have found most impactful for optimizing the experience they deliver shoppers.