Q&A: Tips for Planning Your Cross-Device Marketing Strategy

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You’ve heard the phrase, “deliver the right message at the right time.” Today, marketers have another thing to get right: the environment.

The environment is the location where you as a marketer reach your customers, i.e. a customers’ smartphone, your brand’s website, or an email. There is magic in delivering the right message to the right customer, in just the right environment. Adam Marchick knows this well—he founded Kahuna, a mobile marketing automation platform because of it.

I interviewed Adam to learn more about engaging users across different devices in different environments.

How Codecademy Can Teach More People to Code

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Speaking from experience, learning to code can seem like a daunting task—but, like my father always says, ’How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ And that’s exactly what Codecademy intends to do: teach coding in bite-size segments. The app offers users a taste of code, get in get out in an hour, and it stops there. Codecademy cannot achieve their mission of ‘Teaching The World How To Code’ in one hour. They need to either get people from the app onto the website and retain their interest, or offer more lessons on their app.

In this Teardown Tuesday, I’ll offer ideas for how Codecademy’s iOS app can turn more app users into engaged, long term coders.

3 Tips To Increase Your PPC Click-Through Rate

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Click-through rate, or CTR, is one of the most important metrics you can measure in paid search. Today we’re going to look at why a high CTR is so important to your account, and I’ll explain how you can increase the CTR of your ads through A/B testing and 3 optimization techniques:

Targeting the right kinds of keywords
Writing more compelling, emotional ads
Testing your ads

Unconventional Places to Find Ideas for Your Next A/B Test

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Before you can come up with meaningful A/B tests for your e-commerce store, you need to understand what your customers value when making purchases and what turns them away. The traditional method of collecting customer feedback via surveys has drawbacks.

Other, more unconventional, sources of information exist that can be extremely helpful in generating ideas for A/B tests. They are your customer service records, public forums, competitor data, and internal search keywords.

How HubSpot Personalizes Every Customer Touchpoint

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At HubSpot, optimization is something we focus on every single day. It helps us deliver more engaging experiences to our customers and see greater returns on the content we push across our marketing channels.

We test and personalize just about everything. Here are a few examples of experiments we’ve run that have measurably improved our marketing programs.