CNN: “The Secret to Winning a Presidential Campaign”


As campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election gets into full swing, candidates on both sides are turning to Optimizely to connect with voters in a more personal way. CNN correspondent Laurie Segall interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to learn how A/B testing changed the game during the Obama 2008 campaign, and to hear how candidates can and are using optimization to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming election.

3 Tactics to Increase E-commerce Sales


While low-cost retail leaders like Amazon dominate online retail, a race to the bottom can seem like the only way to keep up. After all, Time reports that Amazon owns 23% of online retail market share. The world of e-commerce is a hyper-competitive space.

A/B testing three key areas, pricing, product pages, and product recommendations is pivotal to stay competitive today. This blog post aims to get other online retailers caught up on these three aspects. Let’s jump into the specifics to see the impact optimization can have for online retailers.

3 Tips on Mastering Mobile App A/B Testing

mobile a/b testing

One of the tools app developers and mobile product managers are increasingly adding to their toolkits is A/B testing. Having a discipline around A/B testing enables mobile app makers to deliver engaging, high-ROI experiences by optimizing elements like signup flows, checkout funnels, and navigational elements, to name a few.

Here are three simple yet effective tips for those just getting started with mobile A/B testing from the mobile product managers who own testing at Pinterest, CheapOAir, What to Expect, and Credit Sesame.

How The Next Web Scaled Their A/B Testing Output 100x


About two years ago we started intensifying our A/B testing program here at The Next Web, one of the world’s largest online publications for news about Internet technology, business, and culture. We’ve found A/B testing to be a very powerful way to increase reader engagement — our primary website goal.

In this blog post I’d like to dive into some aspects of the testing program at The Next Web to provide you with some ideas to incorporate into your own testing program.

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

What is the best time to post to facebook?

Have you ever wondered how to get more engagement with your social media posts? What about whether there is a special hour or day when your friends are more likely to be online? Well, I’ve asked myself the same questions, and I’ve finally found the answer. More precisely, I’ve built a solution to answer these questions and open sourced the script I used so you can use it to understand your own set of friends.

3 Ingredients for High Converting Landing Pages

Ingredients of High converting landing pages

One of the most high-impact ways to boost top-of-the-funnel conversions is through A/B testing and therefore optimizing your landing pages. Landing page optimization is a method of improving your landing page design to increase engagement, generate more leads, and produce more desired actions. Landing pages are lucrative places to focus your optimization efforts because they are the hub of lead generation efforts for your business, and quite often, they’re templatized. Uncovering a win on one landing page could lead to exponential wins on similar landing pages as well.

Here are some key ingredients to help you build a well-optimized, high converting landing page.

How Top of The Funnel A/B Tests Help Determine Your Website Content

top of the funnel a/b tests

What if you need to quickly come up with some new blog ideas, or you have to redo the copy on a page before the tight deadline your client or boss sent you. Where can you get instant feedback from?

Your top of the funnel A/B tests.

If you’re running social media, advertising or email campaigns, you’re probably doing some A/B testing on them to optimize the click-through rates. Let’s have a look at how you can use this in your website and blog copy.