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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Optimizing Optimizely: How we use Full Stack for product development

Optimizing Optimizely: How we use Full Stack for product development

To put it simply, Optimizely Full Stack decouples the deployment of code from the delivery of features the code represents. That allows you to quickly release new features to audience segments, test the performance of the changes, analyze their impact, and either release them more widely or roll them back, all from an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard. No need […]

Optimizing Optimizely: How we’re using Optimizely to get the best from 

From having an idea for your website to making a testable change and seeing the impact on your audience: it’s really quick with Optimizely Web.  Before Episerver acquired Optimizely (and re-branded to Optimizely), we didn’t do much in the way of experimentation on the website. We got started fast with Optimizely Web. After a short tutorial, we developed ideas about simple changes we could make […]

Get More Wins: Experimentation Metrics for Program Success

As we mentioned in our first post in this series, many companies have realized that optimization of their digital products and experiences is no longer a negotiable aspect of their digital strategy. Optimizely’s Strategy and Value team often fields questions on how to operationalize a testing program and how to choose an executive sponsor, but […]

Get More Wins: Why You Should Focus on Experimentation Now

In the wake of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, more companies are investing in experimentation and optimization than ever before, realizing that the ability to test and learn is vital to both pivoting as business needs change, but also to respond to adapting consumer behavior. With this new audience in mind, I’ll be writing a […]

A cure for what ails your website…and feet

You should always trust your gut, right? It’s a smart gut with good intuition. But the fact is, many of our assumptions—especially when determining the best digital experience—can be way off base, even if our gut says otherwise.  At Opticon20, we heard from Amy Vetter, consumer experience manager at Reckitt Benckiser, the parent company for […]

6 Tech Stack Insights from Segment, Zoopla, and ClassPass

6 Tech Stack Insights from Segment, Zoopla, and ClassPass

In November, we hosted our first one-hour Digital Labs live session for a truly global audience. Speakers from groundbreaking brands Segment, ClassPass, Zoopla and Creative CX discussed their insights into building a smarter tech stack – and why it’s come to such prominence in recent times. Missed it? Here’s what we covered. First, meet the […]

How to Maximize your KPIs on Every Page with Input Metrics

To have a successful experimentation program, you have to start with “what is the goal?” of your growth and experimentation efforts. This was emphasized for me early at Optimizely, when our co-founder Dan Siroker said in an all hands just a few weeks in: “experimentation leaders choose metrics that matter.”  Understanding your most important goals […]