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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Experimentation Platforms Speed Innovation for Development Teams

According to a new report from Forrester Research Inc., experimentation platforms are now considered the new normal for application development and delivery (AD&D) teams, allowing faster, more focused innovation. Software teams from top-performing companies rely on experimentation platforms to push the right code faster, with more control, and greater insight. Since the Agile Manifesto was […]

Atlassian Harnesses the Power of Experimentation

Today’s business innovators are going out of their way to meet the current needs of their consumers, and data plays an increasingly large role in fostering loyalty and revenue growth. Experimentation offers real-world feedback about the customer and drives intelligent, data-driven decision-making. One such innovator is Optimizely customer, Atlassian, a company whose mission is to change […]

Accenture thinks conversion optimization may be hurting your business

At Opticon 2018, Matty Wishnow from Accenture Interactive gave our audience a surprising perspective on CRO. We think his message and advice is so important that we’ve asked him to share his perspective with the world during tomorrow’s “New Principles for Digital Experiences That Perform” webinar.  Wishnow co-founded the digital optimization firm Clearhead, which Accenture […]

Unleashing Optimizely Web with Segment Personas

This is a guest post written by Albert Sunwoo, Solutions Engineer at Segment. It is part one of a two-part series from Segment on how to integrate Segment and Optimizely to optimize customer experiences. Running successful experiments and personalization campaigns requires that you choose the right metrics and target the right audiences. Segment Connections helps teams […]

I/Own It Hack Reactor Scholarship 2018 Winners

I/Own It Hack Reactor Scholarship 2018 Winners

In a previous blog post, I announced the launch of Optimizely’s third Hack Reactor Scholarship and Internship program, and elaborated on why we continue to support it. Today, I’m thrilled to announce our three winners for 2018. We received more than 611 applications and interviewed eleven candidates. To everyone who applied: thank you. We are […]

Stats Accelerator – Acceleration Under Time-Varying Signals

This is part two of a series on Stats Accelerator. In the first part, we explained the when, why, and how of Stats Accelerator. In today’s installment we will discuss a major roadblock to successful productionization of bandits in the A/B testing context and how we eventually overcame it. This is a high-level overview. For […]

Roll Out a Product Redesign with Optimizely Feature Flags

Roll Out a Product Redesign with Optimizely Feature Flags

At Opticon last month, we launched a rebrand of Optimizely. As product designers, we knew we’d have to move quickly to roll out the new brand in our product to coincide with the big Opticon launch. But redesign projects are often complex, fraught with challenges, and take resources away from higher priorities such as designing […]

Through Self-Hosting Optimizely Casper Improves Site Performance by 36%

Through Self-Hosting Optimizely Casper Improves Site Performance by 36%

In this post by customer Kyle Rush, VP of Engineering at Casper and former Deputy CTO on the Hillary For America campaign, we can see firsthand how his team dramatically improved the site performance of Using a new recommendation from Optimizely that encourages more flexible implementation options for customers through Optimizely Web, Rush and […]