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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

To Move Faster, Experiment More

If you’ve ever had to forecast a deadline for a software project, you’ll be all too familiar with Hofstadter’s Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law. So it’s no surprise that every product development team wants to be more “agile.” To the naive CTO, “agile” is just […]

Optimizely Program Management Now Generally Available

We are excited to announce that Optimizely Program Management in now generally available. Optimizely Program Management helps customers build, scale, and accelerate their experimentation programs. With Program Management, customers can increase the velocity of their experimentation programs by up to 5x. Today’s industry-leading companies take a different approach to building products and experiences than they […]

A/B Testing SMS with Optimizely

With 2018 just around the corner, your company will likely be exploring new channels to reach out to your customers. Before you rush off to start a podcasting channel, create video ads, or rebuild your mobile app from scratch, take a moment to consider improving your company’s mobile text messaging (SMS) channel. Around 80% of […]

Optimizely is Now ISO 27001 Compliant

Data security is imperative to Optimizely and its customers. We continually strive to be best in breed and are delighted to provide this consistent high level of expertise when it comes to protecting all data. With the recent high-profile security breaches, all industries must demand higher levels of security. In particular, regulated verticals like FinServ, […]

Accelerating Innovation for OneMain Financial

Founded in 1912, OneMain Financial is the largest personal loans provider in the United States. Contributing to the company’s longevity is a drive for continuous reinvention and innovation: OneMain Financial stays relevant to its market by making holistic business decisions around its product and marketing strategy. The company provides personalized, best-in-class service at their 1,600+ branches, […]

Experimenting with Engagement Metrics at the BBC

Experimenting with Engagement Metrics at the BBC

This post originally appeared on the BBC Data Science Blog. When speaking of optimization, most of us will think about increasing conversions and revenue in e-commerce, otherwise known as CRO (conversion rate optimization). More and more though, media and services brands are using experimentation as a means for increasing customer engagement and fostering loyalty; focusing […]

Minimizing Technical Debt Using the Factory Pattern

Why this approach? Experiments using Optimizely X’s Full Stack SDKs are typically implemented by using conditionals in your codebase to decide between feature variations.  As experiments progress and clear winners from experimentation emerge this conditional code can create technical debt, once competing variations are no longer needed.   This method also creates dependencies between the […]

Meetup: Building a culture of experimentation at Visa, Strava, and

Many of us look at top software companies and ask, “how can my company make decisions like Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Netflix?” Teams at these companies have implemented world-class technology platforms to enable every engineer, product manager, and data scientist to make decisions fueled by experimentation and backed by rigorous statistical analysis. But making experimentation […]

Optimizely NY Developer Meetup: Experimentation at Blue Apron

Last week, we hosted a developer meetup at Optimizely NYC with engineers, product managers, and analysts from the New York area. Folks braved the rain to hear from John Cline, Engineering Lead – Growth at Blue Apron speak about their experimentation program.   John’s talk covered how Blue Apron overcame the challenge of setting up […]

Top 5 Lessons from Developer Night @ Opticon

Top 5 Lessons from Developer Night @ Opticon

Last week, we hosted our first ever Developer Night at Opticon.  Over 100 developers, product managers, and analysts showed up for a great evening of tacos, drinks, and lightning talks. Below are the top five lessons from Developer Night: #1: How to Integrate a Messenger Bot with Optimizely X Full Stack We kicked the night […]