5 Issues 97% of Testing Teams Want to Fix


Chances are, if you’re an optimizer at heart, you’re experimenting with just about everything. In our recent benchmark report survey, we asked optimizers at companies of all sizes and industries – what would you change about your optimization efforts, if anything? Only 3% of respondents said they wouldn’t change a thing about their optimization efforts. Learn what they shared and how you can take action to improve your own testing.

50 Mobile App Development Tips For Acquisition, Retention, and Everything in Between

mobile app development tips

It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. To be talked about. To be remarkable. The question is: How do you develop a mobile app that is so valuable that people use it every month? Every week? Or better yet – every day?

Over the last few years, I’ve built 13 mobile apps—4 of which have hit the Top 100 in the Entertainment, Lifestyle and Business categories. Along the way, I’ve taken copious notes on what makes great apps stand out from the crowd and secure those coveted top spots. This is my list of 50 tips to help developers, mobile product managers and marketers develop mobile apps that have potential to launch into the stratosphere.

3 Technology Trends That Are Transforming The Customer Experience

technology trends changing the customer experience

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important for marketing leaders to have an eye on trends that have the potential to accelerate—or disrupt—your business.

At Opticon 2015, Mary Hamilton, Managing Director of Accenture Technology Labs, shared a vision for the future that we’re excited to be a part of, one enhanced by sensors, supported by data, and automated to deliver a personalized, enriched customer experience.

How will these technology trends impact the strategies you use to engage your audience in the next 1-3 years? In this post, we’ll cover the top 3 trends we see impacting marketing and product innovators, and what it means for the next wave of optimization and personalization.

Capture the Right Leads: B2B Website Personalization in 4 Steps

b2b website personalization image

Is your homepage compelling enough to capture the attention of each and every visitor? What if that visitor is from the healthcare industry? And the next one is from financial services?

Real-time personalization is the key to having a website that captures the attention of multiple audiences. In this post, we’ll share four steps to help you understand and get started with B2B website personalization.

Marc Andreessen Talks Killer Robots, Unicorns, and The Future of Tech


Few folks on the planet are as recognized for thinking about the future as Marc Andreessen, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)* and one of the world’s most prolific venture capitalists by number of investments. Marc likes to discuss the future. A lot.

So it was fitting for our Co-founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to invite Marc to discuss the future of technology, privacy, and disruption at Opticon, our annual user conference.

Here are the 5 quotes from Marc’s conversation with Dan that really captivated the attention of the audience and gave them a birdseye view of how Marc sees the world evolving.

Announcing the Winners of I/Own It, A Scholarship for Women Engineers

Jessica Chong is the winner of the I/Own It Scholarship sponsored by Optimizely and Hack Reactor.

For me, becoming an engineer always seemed as natural as aspiring to be a doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. But when I joined the workforce I realized that both my educational and professional paths are hardly the norm for most female engineers; I have been incredibly lucky.

To encourage and empower women with a passion for coding to pursue their professional dreams, Optimizely and Hack Reactor created “I/Own It”, a program that gives aspiring women technologists the chance to win a full scholarship to attend Hack Reactor, work closely with a mentor from Optimizely, and start a paid internship with Optimizely after graduating.

We are so excited to announce 3 amazing winners.

What’s In Your Marketing Technology Stack?

marketing technology stack and team

VPs from 99designs, Demandbase, and Hipmunk weigh in on how they structure their marketing technology stacks.

We’ll share their best practices for building a high-performing team and seamless marketing stack that enables them to deliver the best experience at every customer touchpoint. We’ll also cover how they measure success, and who they’re still hoping to add to their teams in the future.

Three Steps to Get Your Team On Board with Optimization


If you are already on board with testing and optimization but struggling to get other people at your company involved, this post is for you. Testing should be a team sport, not an individual effort.

So how do you garner the proper buy-in across all departments? This is so crucial ensuring success from your optimization work.

Based on what we’ve learned from making this a reality at our own agency and for many of our clients, here’s a 3-step game plan we’ve seen work wonders.

CNN: “The Secret to Winning a Presidential Campaign”


As campaigning for the 2016 U.S. presidential election gets into full swing, candidates on both sides are turning to Optimizely to connect with voters in a more personal way. CNN correspondent Laurie Segall interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Siroker to learn how A/B testing changed the game during the Obama 2008 campaign, and to hear how candidates can and are using optimization to gain a competitive edge in the upcoming election.

3 Tactics to Increase E-commerce Sales


While low-cost retail leaders like Amazon dominate online retail, a race to the bottom can seem like the only way to keep up. After all, Time reports that Amazon owns 23% of online retail market share. The world of e-commerce is a hyper-competitive space.

A/B testing three key areas, pricing, product pages, and product recommendations is pivotal to stay competitive today. This blog post aims to get other online retailers caught up on these three aspects. Let’s jump into the specifics to see the impact optimization can have for online retailers.