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Introducing Test & Learn: A Virtual Event for Product Teams

Introducing Test & Learn: A Virtual Event for Product Teams

Test & Learn: The Product Experimentation Summit is Optimizely’s new, free virtual event The event is a master class in experimentation, designed for product managers, data scientists, designers, and engineers to learn from experts about what it takes to build and test products at scale. The event will be broadcast live on May 22, 2019, […]

Introducing Easy Event Tracking: the easier way to understand and optimize the customer journey

This year, according to data from the International Tele­communication Union (ITU), we will see over half of the world’s population connected to the online world. Digital consumers are now connected to the internet through a variety of devices and interfaces – from “old-world” PCs and handheld devices to modern-era voice assistants, wearables and AR/VR interfaces. This […]

Optimizely has teamed up with Slack to launch a new integration

Today we’re excited to announce that Optimizely has teamed up with Slack to launch a new integration.  This Optimizely for Slack integration will enable users of Optimizely’s Program Management to easily engage with their experiments and ideas, accelerate the testing process and foster an environment of experimentation. Slack is the leading collaboration hub and the […]

Using Feature Flags to Test in Production

Using Feature Flags to Test in Production

One of my favorite developers used to tell me that he does robust testing on his code, but only in production. This may give some QA engineers a heart attack, but I’m here to share a little secret: at Optimizely, we test in production all the time. If you aren’t, you may be short-changing your […]

Optimizely vs Adobe Target: Performance

There’s much to consider when choosing an experimentation platform. While there are many small players in the space with different focuses, strengths, and teams behind them, Optimizely and Adobe Target have the largest experimentation customer bases. In the last few years, we’ve seen a big increase in customers switching from Adobe Target to Optimizely. We’ve […]