6 Lessons on Cultivating Diversity in Tech

diversity in tech

When I was in high school, I was really interested in becoming a software engineer. But when I discussed my aspirations with one of my favorite teachers, she told me that I was “too social” to sit in front of a computer all day.

Fast forward a few years and I am a software engineer at Optimizely and as part of our Diversity Community of Practice, recently hosted a panel to take on the topic of cultivating diversity in tech. Here are a few lessons and anecdotes that really resonated with me.

3 Tips to Improve Your A/B Testing Process

tips to improve ab testing process

In the long-term, your A/B testing process is one of the most important factors driving performance of your conversion optimization efforts.

I want to share three tips that will make your A/B testing process more impactful. We use these techniques on daily basis to convince companies to invest in CRO, spot real customer problems, and run long-term optimization programs more efficiently.

The three techniques described below enabled us to finish the process quickly, bring conversion rate uplift, and keep ourselves well-oriented through the multitude of tests.

7 Black Friday & Cyber Monday E-commerce Optimization Tips

ecommerce black friday cyber monday optimization-tips

As every online retailer knows, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year. Using A/B testing and CRO to improve your e-commerce site is the key to maximizing your sales during these retail holidays.

Here at Optimizely we have the opportunity to work with some of the top e-commerce companies in the world, including Sony, Microsoft, Asics, Trunk Club, and Spreadshirt. Over the years they have run hundreds of A/B tests on their sites to increase sales and conversions and they’ve shared many of their learnings & insights with us.

Increase Lead Conversion Rates With This Simple Step

increase lead conversion rate

If you’re a lead generation marketer, then you know you need to improve conversion rates. It sounds straightforward enough, but a lot of marketers are struggling with the most fundamental aspects of improving conversion rates: lead generation and lead quality. How do you know what kind of leads you really need? And how do you know if your incoming leads are high-quality? After all, not all leads are created equal.

3 A/B Testing Case Studies on Seeking The Global Maximum

seek the global maximum

As the following case studies reveal, there are huge wins to be had from thinking big and being open to questioning the status quo. There are also important revelations lurking in smaller tests that can point the way to a major redesign. And sometimes testing is the only way to find true north amidst the chaos and confusion of major changes.

New eBook: Growing Your Digital Agency with Optimization


If you work at a digital agency, the decision to add optimization services to your book of business should be a no brainer. We interviewed some of the top agencies out there to create a framework to help others get started. Learn why optimization is a lucrative offering for your agency, how to set up a team and structure client engagements, and other tactics to grow your book of business with optimization.

Design Principles You Should A/B Test: Focal Points

design principles you should test focal points

Are visual design and A/B testing a match made in heaven, or the best of frenemies? We’re on a mission to bring designers and optimizers closer together, so they can produce visually delightful experiences that also convert. Welcome back to our blog series, Design Principles you Should A/B Test.

This week, I sat down with Optimizely Communication Designer Jon Saquing to learn about focal points in visual design, and how you can use them to create delightful experiences.

Open-Sourcing Parental Leave


Parental leave as an employee benefit is a topic of frequent discussion these days, and is a conversation spurred on by policy announcements this summer from technology leaders Netflix, Microsoft, and Adobe. Lack of access to paid maternity and paternity leave is a serious problem affecting parents in the United States across industries, geographies, and socioeconomic classes.

We believe that adequate, equitable parental leave is a movement we all have a responsibility to take part in. To that end, we want to share exactly how, in 2014, we laid the groundwork for increasing leave for new parents at Optimizely from 6 to 17 weeks.