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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

2020 Hypothesis: Businesses That Experiment, Will Win

One hypothesis that we’re bullish about for the next decade is that “best guesses” will fail more often then data-based decisions. Brands that test and iterate on their ideas — and use the resulting data to inform their decisions — will win.   Optimizely CMO, Carl Tsukahara, recently discussed the adoption of experimentation as a business […]

Measure twice, cut once

Measure twice, cut once

Web Performance Testing Tools and Tips Many organizations struggle with site load times and have yet to adopt the right measurement tools or processes to improve it. As the product manager for Optimizely Web, naturally, I’m passionate about web page performance because it’s a major influence on the user experience and your business goals. To […]

5 Ways to Use Machine Learning to Get More Conversions

As Optimizely’s Experimentation Program Manager, I was very intrigued by the launch of our new and improved Multi-Armed Bandit. I was excited to start using this powerful, machine learning optimization tool that was designed specifically to increase conversions. This was especially exciting for my Marketing team, who wanted to get more conversions on key landing […]

The Best of 2019: Program Management tips from Opticon19

As we close out the year we wanted to give back to our users and customers. What better way to do that than to share highlights from the year, beginning with a series of Program Management videos from our annual Opticon conference. Getting the greatest impact from experimentation is something we at Optimizely are constantly […]

Optimize for Speed with Performance Edge

Optimize for Speed with Performance Edge

Performance Edge for Optimizely Web is now generally available. This is a giant leap forward in experiment performance. The new product makes experiments run faster by moving processing from the browser to the edge (CDN). In our testing, we’ve seen experiments using Performance Edge have a median load time of 50 milliseconds (faster than the […]