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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Optimizely has teamed up with Slack to launch a new integration

Today we’re excited to announce that Optimizely has teamed up with Slack to launch a new integration.  This Optimizely for Slack integration will enable users of Optimizely’s Program Management to easily engage with their experiments and ideas, accelerate the testing process and foster an environment of experimentation. Slack is the leading collaboration hub and the […]

Using Feature Flags to Test in Production

Using Feature Flags to Test in Production

One of my favorite developers used to tell me that he does robust testing on his code, but only in production. This may give some QA engineers a heart attack, but I’m here to share a little secret: at Optimizely, we test in production all the time. If you aren’t, you may be short-changing your […]

Optimizely vs Adobe Target: Performance

There’s much to consider when choosing an experimentation platform. While there are many small players in the space with different focuses, strengths, and teams behind them, Optimizely and Adobe Target have the largest experimentation customer bases. In the last few years, we’ve seen a big increase in customers switching from Adobe Target to Optimizely. We’ve […]

Ask an Experimentation Expert: Why You Need an Executive Sponsor for Experimentation Program Success

As the Lead Strategy Consultant at Optimizely, I’m lucky to work with customers of differing levels of Experimentation program maturity, from customers who are just starting their program and getting their team in place to customers that never make a decision without experimenting first. My work focuses on building Experimentation methodologies with a company’s teams […]

Optimizely Continues to Add Integrations to Bolster its Open Platform

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Lotame to launch a new audience integration for Optimizely Web. This integration enables Optimizely customers to scale their personalization programs by targeting Lotame DMP audiences with Optimizely Web campaigns. Personalization and DMPs An effective personalization strategy starts with identifying valuable audiences and then targeting them with […]

6 Experimentation Secrets from Airbnb and Uber

Last week we hosted over 130 experimenters at Optimizely HQ in San Francisco for our first live event of the year. We were lucky enough to be joined by two brands — Airbnb and Uber — that have fundamentally changed the way we travel and get around today: Panelists Jami Schwartz, Head of Marketing, Airbnb for […]

Experimentation Platforms Speed Innovation for Development Teams

According to a new report from Forrester Research Inc., experimentation platforms are now considered the new normal for application development and delivery (AD&D) teams, allowing faster, more focused innovation. Software teams from top-performing companies rely on experimentation platforms to push the right code faster, with more control, and greater insight. Since the Agile Manifesto was […]

Atlassian Harnesses the Power of Experimentation

Today’s business innovators are going out of their way to meet the current needs of their consumers, and data plays an increasingly large role in fostering loyalty and revenue growth. Experimentation offers real-world feedback about the customer and drives intelligent, data-driven decision-making. One such innovator is Optimizely customer, Atlassian, a company whose mission is to change […]